About Jo

Hi, I’m Jo,

Thank you so much for stopping by ‘Where Jo Goes’ where I love chatting about all things family friendly travel related whether it be holidays, vacations, staycations or days out.  I love hearing about other peoples travels and that inspired me to share some of my own, whether they be 5 minutes away or 5000 miles away.

I am lucky enough to have a job I love in the corporate world but it’s really important to me and my family to make the most of our downtime. ‘Where Jo Goes’ is my chance to do something creative when I am off duty and to talk about holidays to my heart’s content with like-minded people.

I live on the coast in the south west of England with my husband of 19 years and our nine year old twin daughters. I’ve never strayed far from the sea and love coastal living.

Best holiday ever: Its a tough choice between honeymoon in Australia and a second honeymoon (you can’t have too many 😉 the Garden Route and safari in South Africa

Best holiday with kids: New York and Mexico twin centre

Where my kids would most like to go: Hawaii

I hope you enjoy joining me in some of my travels do please do feel free to comment I love to chat holidays!

Happy Travels