As well as travel and days out, I *love* flowers and floral art. I do have a bash at doing my own on occasion but as an amateur I particularly admire those who have the talent and training to make flowers look amazing, not just because they are beautiful flowers but due to the way they are presented.

A couple of years ago we had a party to celebrate a special anniversary. It took place at home in our garden and we were lucky enough to have the flowers done by the very talented Adele from Tin Can Floral who specialise in using cans to hold flowers and the cans are painted and trimmed with fabrics, ribbon and decorations . Very creative and I am glad to share some photos of the lovely flowers here.



Floral art in tin cans

Flowers at River Station Restaurant, Bristol, England. Florist unknown.

I was reminded of the tin can flowers recently when I was out in a restaurant and saw this arrangement in a rustic style large tin. The tin sure held a lot of flowers and I loved the height on the arrangement. This summer I will be challenging myself to have a go at my own tin can arrangements, inspired by these unusual and eye catching containers, the beautiful decorations by Tin Can Floral and other floral art I see out and about.




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  1. February 7, 2017 / 5:05 pm

    These are lovely, I think I will be having a go at these myself. I love tin can crafts! #MarvMondays

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