La Chevre d’Or in the tiny hilltop village of Eze on the French riviera is the most romantic place I have ever stayed, no contest.  Roughly translated as ‘The Golden Goat’, that doesn’t really give the place a romantic image so let’s stick to the French. We went there BC (before children) but despite that being a few years ago and regardless of the many other places we have stayed since then, La Chevre d’Or remains the hands down winner of my romantic place to stay award. I would share my holiday snaps but, it being a few years ago, I had bleached hair and a fishtail skirt so those pics aren’t seeing the light of day any time soon #fashionfelony.

Gardens of La Chevre D’Or, Eze Photo Andres Alvarado CC/BY

The village of Eze is a medieval hillside hamlet between Monaco and Nice with stunning panoramic views of the Cote D’Azur. The hotel is actually part of the village, with houses now being rooms of the hotel. To get to different parts of the hotel you wander along cobbled pathways, through beautiful, fragrant gardens with spectacular viewpoints. To reach our room we walked through the terraced gardens and climbed steps built into the walls. Our room had a small balcony from the bedroom and another from the bathroom, both with stunning views.

View of the Cote d’Azur from La Chevre D’Or, Eze Photo: Lim Ashley

The swimming pool, although small, is a fantastic place to relax in the sun and admire the vistas or take a turn in the hot tub.


Swimming Pool at Hotel La Chevre d’Or Photo: Mike Norton

Though a tiny hilltop hamlet, the village has a  12th century church and the famous Jardin Exotique d’Eze, a tropical cactus garden popular for weddings with the glitterati.

Jardin d’Exotique, Eze Photo Kim

The Hotel has a beautiful terrace where you can celebrate with a fantastic wine list before having dinner in one of the restaurants. La Chevre d’Or has a few restaurants, among them is the Chevre d’Or Restaurant, which has two Michelin stars. This was the venue for one of the most memorable meals we have ever enjoyed. It may have been the champagne trolley with the offer of ‘will you be dining on champagne throughout the meal?’.  It may have been those views, it may have been the extraordinarily clever and sumptuous 11 course tasting menu with each course featuring tomatoes. How they can turn the humble tomato into an 11 course meal, including many desserts, I will never know. Perhaps they have a magician in the kitchen instead of a chef, it was sensational.

Eze village at night

Eze at Night Photo Gunnar Grimnes

La Chevre d’Or would be a wonderful place for a honeymoon, Valentine’s Day or Anniversary. If you have something to celebrate, this is the perfect spot.


Chevre d'Or Hotel, Eze, France

Chevre d'Or Hotel, Eze, France

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