If the idea of taking the kids to NYC has you breaking out in hives I am here to convince you that for families it is an absolutely fantastic holiday. My twins were 7 when we went and they started asking to go back the first day we were there. A 3 square mile park, 90 museums, some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and that feeling of stepping out onto a movie set every day made it one of our favourite ever trips.


Everyone in the family choose the itinerary for one day. It may seem risky handing over the reins to kids when you are only there for a few days but it worked really well for us . The kids get to do all their ‘must dos’ day one and this avoids the nag-factor.

1) ACCOMMODATION: Novotel Times Square

Our family room at the Novotel Times Square looked out onto Broadway! The views from the restaurant and terrace were wow factor, how can you beat Times Square, the tickertapes, the billboards and the crystal drop that they do on New Years Eve. With kids in tow you wont be tripping the light fantastic but you can at least have a drink on the terrace in the evenings and an awesome viewpoint staying here. The restaurant has the same view and with a huge range of buffet favourites it was a winner with our kids.  Kids breakfasts were free with an adult breakfast and we ended up eating here all mornings except one.


View from the hotel terrace by day and by night. Same view from the restaurant – what a place to have breakfast!



We had to try a diner breakfast Cosmic Diner on the corner of 52nd Street and 8th Avenue is open 24 hours, was a stones throw from the hotel and served up large portions of diner favourites.



Straight out for the two minute stroll to Times Square to take in the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere -we were in NYC! Times Square is a whole lot of energy, light, colour, characters and noise and a great place to start our visit to the big apple. With the hotel so near and the fantastic terrace- it would be a great place to spend New Years Eve.

In Times Square are lots of people dressed up as characters hustling for photos and tips. My daughter ran over to hug Olaf, we took a picture and were photobombed by Elsa and Anna who also wanted paying! Welcome to NYC!


Dinner was at Johns Pizzeria. Its a clattery, loud restaurant with impressive décor and huge pizzas that come on a double decker stand. Quick and tasty perfect for the first night.


Brace yourselves – the kids were in charge and were raring to go #jetlag.


The candy store owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan, is a candy haven for small people with a penchant for the dentist. From lollipop trees to floors with gummy writing embedded, its a riot of colour, a confection heaven with candy lego, an M&M wall and just about every sugar based treat you can think of. Willie Wonka has nothing on Dylan.  Just make sure you allow plenty of time for the choosing.

Lunch – well with the kids in charge it had to be the café upstairs at Dylan’s candy store. They tucked into dessert pizzas – sweet pizza bases topped with chocolate and other sugared up treats but the salads are also good!


Central park being a key location in the movie ‘Home Alone 2’, it was next on the list. This park is vast. It was only when I saw it from the top of Rockefeller Centre later in the holiday that I realised just how gargantuan it is.

View of Central Park from the Rockefeller Centre – Top of the Rockefeller Centre

A horse drawn carriage ride provided a good opportunity to sit back and admire the park.   With young kids pacing yourself can be a challenge so opportunities for a breather have to be grabbed with arms outstretched.

Next stop in Central Park was to watch some awesome street entertainers doing acrobatics and then for a refreshment at the Loeb Boathouse .  Then began our mission to find the playground. We had a map, we had a guidebook but it still took an hour, a jetlagged, first day tiredness hour, to find the playground. The signage in the park wasn’t fantastic and we found it really difficult to navigate our way round. We did find it in the end and the kids revived for an hour of running around and we watched the NYC world go by and enjoyed a break but we really could have done without the hassle factor in finding it.


Dinner was at Virgils Real BBQ Restaurant.  We hadn’t booked a table and had to queue for 45 mins during which time dd fell asleep on the floor. She often falls asleep at the table on holiday but this time she didn’t even make it to a chair. Virgil’s is one of USA’s Top 10 BBQ restaurants, the bbq food was absolutely delish and it was handy for our hotel. Lesson learned we made dinner reservations in advance for the rest of the trip.We wandered back to the hotel via Times Square and had a drink on the terrace.

DAY 3 


Day 2 was my choice – the Statue of Liberty. If you buy tickets in advance for the statue then the queues for security are shorter. The ticket includes the ferry to the island, audio tour, ferry to Ellis Island and audio tour and the ferry back. I had booked tickets in advance and at Christmas I had surprised DH and DDs by giving them tickets that would enable us to go right to the crown. The tickets are not expensive as Statue of Liberty is a national park, but they have to be booked months in advance as they have limited numbers for going inside the statue. There is also a height restriction for the crown so we had been measuring our twins to check that they were tall enough.

On arrival at Lady Liberty we excitedly handed over our tickets only to find that I had massively messed up and that the tickets were for the day before #DISASTER. But thankfully the staff member on duty was incredibly helpful.  He couldn’t give us crown tickets as they were all gone but he did change our tickets to be valid for that day and we could go up the pedestal which is partway up the statue.You only get to go into the museum inside the base of the statue if you have a ticket to go to the pedestal or the crown.

We grabbed some a snack lunch, bought some souvenirs in the gift shop and set off for Ellis Island. The museum here is so evocative telling the spellbinding tale of the first immigrants to the city. Again we did the kids audio tour which was a rat telling you how he stowed away on a ship and came to Ellis Island. The self guided tour gave lots of information without having to get 7 year olds to read all the notices which is a winner for me. The first immigrant to Ellis Island was a 17 year old girl from Ireland, just 10 years older than my own kids and bravely setting out to the other side of the Atlantic. The central arrivals hall and the stories that are told at Ellis Island are fascinating and kept us talking for much of the day.

Crown debacle aside, we loved our day at the Statue of Liberty and it was awesome to see this landmark up close and find out how she was built.

Manhattan skyline from Statue of Liberty

Manhattan skyline from Statue of Liberty



Day 4 was DH choice and his selected NY attraction was the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. We walked there from the hotel and it had really started to get hot, hot, hot in NYC now. The Intrepid is an air craft carrier from 1943 that has had various roles over the years. It was deployed in WW2, the Vietnam War, the cold war and was a NASA recovery ship. It is now a museum moored on the Hudson River. As well as visiting the ship itself, it has a space shuttle on board (YES AN ACTUAL SPACE SHUTTLE) – I know i’m shouting but c’mon- its a space shuttle! Concorde on the deck, a submarine and an impressive collection of aircraft. To accommodate both a space shuttle and concorde and have plenty of room left over – that tells you something of the size of the Intrepid.

The shuttle, concorde and submarine are an additional charge each. We chose to do the space shuttle. With 7 year olds we wouldn’t have got round the intrepid itself and all 3 add ons in a day #keepitrealistic.

Concorde – on display in New York at the Intrepid

On boarding the Intrepid we watched the short film about the history of the ship first – brilliant way to start as it puts its history and its role in all the major conflicts that the USA was involved in the twentieth century into context. Other key attractions we enjoyed were the model of the ship made of lego (how many bricks?), seeing the living quarters  and the ‘hands on’science part which the kids loved.


Enterprise Space Shuttle, Intrepid Air Sea and Space Museum New York City

Photo Gary Lensman QX CC/BY

The tour of the Enterprise space shuttle was one of the highlights of our trip. We booked a guided tour and our guide was excellent.  She had an ipad with her and as she was talking and explaining things she would show you relevant pictures/video on the ipad. The tour was for children age 8 upwards and she really kept our attention. To see the Enterprise was a fantastic experience.

The intrepid isn’t somewhere you hear much about but it was a really informative, interesting and inspirational day.



The Beast Speedboat tour New York City

Photo: Jaime de la Fuente CC/BY

Next stop was still on the River – the Beast speedboat tour. With the wind in our hair we set off down the Hudson for a view of the city from the water.

We stopped at a neighbourhood salon for a foot massage – bliss – your feet work hard in NYC!


Dinner was another concierge recommendation and was a memorable evening. The Red Eye Grill was a really classy place to go we absolutely loved it. Opposite Carnegie Hall and a short walk from our hotel we enjoyed the style and interior of this restaurant, the great service and the top notch steak and lobster dinner. DD loves lobster and she managed to stay awake for this dinner! What really made our evening was the pianist who also sang. She aplayed a Taylor Swift song for the girls – so sweet. The waiter brought candy floss for the girls at the end of the meal and DDS are still asking why restaurants here don’t do that! Perfect end to the day.



It was our last day – and we still had a hundred things we wanted to do!

We had to choose between Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Centre and Empire State Building and we opted for the Rock. The lift is an experience in itself, taking you to the observation deck at the floor and the views of NYC are breathtaking.


A quick pitstop after for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream which we had sitting on the steps of St Patricks Cathedral on 5th Avenue. American Girl was our next destitnion luckily my dds are not huge fans but they appreciated a look around so we just had a browse and then same in Saks 5th Avenue. A taxi to Bloomingdales for some shopping (Kate Spade handbags alert) . We took some fantastic cream cheese topped cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery to have outside the American Museum of Natural History Museum .


The American Museum of Natural History Museum , they say you can spend a week there and not see everything. We only had a couple of hours and DD wanted to prioritise some of the exhibits that are in the film ‘Night at the Museum’ and we also managed some of the famous dioramas.  The entrance hall is hugely impressive


Dinner was another concierge recommendation at Blue Smoke a BBQ restaurant celebrating the food of the south, a short taxi ride from the hotel. At the start of the meal they brought cookie dough for the girls in the shape of a pig which they decorated. They then baked it during the meal and brought them back their cookie at the end. What a great idea!

Final drinks on the terrace at the hotel before we called it a day, we were off to the Caribbean the next day for a rest!


IF you are going to NYC – wear comfy shoes, preferably take more than one pair so you can swap them around. I like fitflops, the kids wore trainers..

IF you are taking the kids, let them get an idea of the place before you go. Ours watched BIG, Home Alone 2, the New Annie movie and Night at the Museum #research

IF you are getting a guidebook I recommend Fodor’s Around New York City with Kids. For each recommended destination it has somewhere to eat and somewhere to stop and take a break – essential info when you are travel with small people.

IF you feel like trying a holiday where everyone gets to choose a day itinerary – leave me a comment and let me know how you get on!

IF you are going to NYC consider combining with another destination – we stopped off en route to Mexico. I’d love to know your suggestions for where to combine with NYC.



If you like city breaks see my post Greenwich, London with kids here.



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