tulum, mexico

January can be a gloomy month, its cold, its dark, we’re all broke, the parties are over, the balloons are shrivelled and we’ve only got half a bottle of baileys and some stale vol au vents left to see us through it. What keeps us going may well be the hangover remedies we’ve been mainlining since late December but for me it’s the anticipation of the trips and tips to come. There is nothing I like more than cracking open the new year with a whole load of travel plans to look forward to.

This years highlights include some new destinations and some family favourites. My travel cornerstones for 2017 are:


My kids love CenterParcs so much that when it came to leaving our villa last year, my dd said she would happily sleep on a bench if it meant that she could stay longer. The pool, the rapids, the wildlife, waking up to the forest, the activities and for me the spa make it the perfect combo of loads to do and complete relaxation  for the whole family.



Another family favourite. This holiday constitutes my downtime for the year but throw in some jungle, water parks, ruins, culture, snorkelling with turtles, wildlife and my time under the palm tree looks like being on the low side.

Mexico Tulum beach


We aren’t just going to drink the port. Well, we are, but don’t tell the kids that ;-). You can read my pre trip report here.

 Radcliffe Camera, OxfordUK: COTSWOLDS

The very essence of England, thatched cottages, honey coloured stone, an easy visit to the dreaming spires of Oxford or the theatrics of Stratford upon Avon.

Wherever you are travelling in 2017 whether you be vacationing or staycationing have a wonderful time and let me know your recommendations!



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